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DYNA-WIPES pre-moistened cleaning towels

When you get a stain on something, do you go to your stash of liquid cleaners, powdered cleaners or aerosol spray cleaners?  Take one or all of them to the work area.   Then do you look around the house to find a clean rag for the project.  Do you need gloves? Do you need a mask? Do you need to open a window? ALL THIS FOR A STAIN!!


We believe DYNA-WIPES is "KING" in the stain removal kingdom. This moist cleaning wipe is so simple to use. Pull out a towel, blot or rub on the spot as needed and you're done. You will also notice the nice citrus fragrance of the towel -- no mask needed! Then once the towel is dry, simply dispose of it in your waste basket. You will also notice that your waste basket will smell more pleasant too.   Easy-Squeezy!

  • Stainless Steel Surfaces Coffee StainsPermanent MarkerCrayon Marks on Walls (Read below) **Tape Residue on glass and metalsLeather Tennis ShoesGolf Clubs & Sports Equipment

  • Vinyl Windowst

  • Screen Cleaning t

  • Garment Spot Removal.

  • Make-up removal from most fabrics .

  • It has a unique ability to clean up anything from mechanics grease to Black Jack roof cement, or  tough urethane sealants quickly and easily. 

     Dyna-wipes cleans equipment stains and soils from grime build-up, road tar, old paint oxidation and more. 

    With our Dyna-Wipes cleaning solution combined with our unique towel, the result is that grease and dirt cling to the wipe and does not transfer back to the hands or surface. This is a great breakthrough. No more smears on the surface. The wipe lifts it off and in beds it into the towel. 

    Great as a waterless hand cleaner -- Just Wipe and Go. Replaces the use of harmful chemicals to the hands. A Ready-to-Use cleaning wipe. Job done!


    32$ Each

    Cleaning Products & Supplies

    When making out your list for cleaning supplies whether for the home or industry, add Dyna-Wipes to your list.   It is a great time saver and it does the job when other cleaners fail. 

    For large applications, you will need the mops, buckets, bulk cleaners, rags, floor buffers, vacuum cleaners, carpet machines, blowers to dry large areas etc. You may also have to open the windows to let out toxic smells or humidity.  Later come back to close the windows. Next, you have to put away everything your pulled out back to its storage place.  If needed, that's what you have to do. BUT....for those in between cleanups, Dyna-Wipes is the ticket. 

    Simply pull out a moist wipe from the container and Wipe & Go! This will not only be very effective and a quick time saver; but it should stretch out your time before you have to do those larger jobs. Dyna-Wipes makes sense. It is an essential cleaning supply. You can do more types of cleaning with a Dyna-wipes then you can with any liquid cleaning in the marketplace today. 

    Dyna-Wipes 120 ct Tub

    Most economical packaging!

    Dya-Wipes Regular $32

    Dyna-Wipes Muscle 80ct -

    Same Formula - Different Towel Texture. Added roughness for those stubborn areas.

    MUSCLE $35 Each


    Dyna-Wipes were originally created as a unique waterless hand cleaner combined with a heavy-duty cleaning towel. The special formula has dissolving agents for grease and grime that quickly dries after use. The result is hands are clean and protected with four skin conditioners, including aloe and vitamin E.

    You, the customer, have been letting us know many other ways you are using Dyna-Wipes for your cleaning projects. One of you even nicknamed it the "goof" cleaner. Some of your suggestions are listed in the "Places to Use" area to help others get an idea of how Dyna-Wipes can solve some of their cleaning problems.

    Yes!  They are very economical when you consider the use of rags and cleaners, plus the time saved by having the convenience of a multiple cleaner in one. Your time is Valuable Too!

    Yes. We recommend pre-testing plastic surfaces for compatibility. Dyna-Wipes may not be suited for certain clear plastics such as plexiglas or styrene, Items such as computer screens, microwaves, VCR's and vehicle instrument panels may be made of these plastics. Do NOT use on any item with a protective finish, such as brass or finished furniture.

    Is there anything else I should know?

    Dyna-Wipes is a great tool for cleaning; however, be aware that we do not guarantee the same results in every situation due to the many varying conditions. As a rule, pre-test surfaces in an inconspicuous area for compatibility.

    Yes! Dyna-Wipes has four skin conditioners and is non-flammable! After use, simply discard as a normal paper towel.

    * In general, when cleaning stainless steel appliances, always clean "with the grain" of the stainless. Also, after using our wet wipes for cleaning stainless steel, use a dry clean cloth to buff "with the grain". This will remove our skin conditioners from the surface of the stainless, leaving a clean surface.


    ** Crayons contain wax which is extremely difficult to remove safely from a painted wall.


    SUGGESTION: Warm the crayon with a hair dryer (since it is a wax) and wipe off the excess, then use the Dyna-wipes gently to remove the rest of the stain. Rub gently to avoid removing the paint from the wall 

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